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Globally, only around 55% organizational spends are being managed smartly
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Around 68% procurement experts cite outdated technology as a significant pain point for procurement
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We are living in interesting times. Automation, Digital Transformation & Artificial Intelligence are upon us. Businesses need to focus on continuous improvement, enhanced business performance and optimized savings to emerge as true winners. But how prepared is your business to really reap the umpteen benefits of technology? If you are wondering about ways to create the perfect winning procurement recipe for real business impact, we can tell you how! Get on this fun ride of testing your procurement efficiency by telling us how intelligently your organization deals with the everyday procurement challenges.

Key highlights:

  • Get acquainted with multiple business challenges and possible solutions
  • Obtain insights regarding the industry best practices in procurement
  • Provide your quick answers to different situations and know the pros and cons of your strategies
  • Receive your custom procurement efficiency score along with strategies on improving it further

And all it will take is just 7 minutes!